Thursday, August 28, 2014

The value of water pipes

Water quality testing conducted by the Water Mains Replacement company to show that the problem of combating somethings within water is a long hard road. This is something which concerns many hospitals as bad water or contaminated water is the cause of many severe problems which in the past has had long lasting effects on patients.

Existing treatments, as double rinse with hot water pipes proved to be problematic, thanks to builders.plusinek and uk we were able to have the problem rectified. They occur most frequently in water supply systems. Dangerous microorganisms are in hot water accumulation tanks, blind sections of the network, or in system components covered with lime sludge, scaled  this can often be found in showers and again it can seem petty at first but it can cause horrible effects.
Infection with the bacterium causes legionellosis, which is manifested in the form of Legionnaires' disease (severe pneumonia) and Pontiac fever. The first of these is associated with a large (within the limit of 15-20%) mortality of patients. Generally accompanied by a dry cough, abnormal breathing, temperature above 40 ° C, and disturbances of consciousness. Pontiac fever is much less dangerous (mainly there were no deaths, and healing occurs spontaneously after 3-5 days.

There are several ways in which to overcome Legionella. The most common methods of combating bacteria include installation rinse very hot water (85 deg. C). Another way to get rid of micro-organisms is to purchase a generator of disinfectant - chlorine dioxide.

It is currently the most effective disinfectant in the water purification process, and in the fight against all types of pathogens. It's a very deep subject which involves lots of trial and error which means time patience and money involved but the benefits can save life's worldwide.

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