Saturday, November 24, 2012

Indian Furniture

Indian Furniture Berlin are unique. They radiate vitality and warmth. The Indian furniture Berlin come from Rajasthan and are original vintage pieces from the colonial period, or newly manufactured exclusively from demolition teak. Indian Furniture Berlin uses no new wood, as we lay claim to sustainability.

By the use of natural materials and low cost machines, can not be achieved perfection. We hope that you appreciate it. Indian Furniture Berlin is a lot of effort to offer unique pieces to reflect the Indian authentic charm. We bring carefully selected, antique carved wooden palace window with mirrors deposited to Berlin.Fairy tale glass lamps, historic furniture and accessories, such as stamped mortar, stone plates, wooden bowls, colorful prints of Indian deities, round off the unique range of Indian furniture London, and look forward to a new home.

We are fascinated by India, the second largest country with the largest democracy in the world. The craftsmanship, the simplicity and the Decorated awareness we want to share with Berlin. We operate mainly in Rajasthan, a region in northwestern India that is characterized by the barren Thar desert and export from there. Since we do not advocate mass production, our exhibits are some very valuable. We endeavor to have something in stock to suit all budgets.

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