Monday, April 2, 2012

John Mizarolli

Guitar lessons with the UK's leading virtuoso and experienced expert!. blog Spirit-Mind-Body techniques reveal how to play guitar using yogic principles. The effect on improvisation, composition and creativity is unbelievable with his teaching methods.
Electric guitar lessons in London and online leaves a staggering 27000 guitarists enrolled to date! Students have gigged and recorded with countless music industry superstars, making him the most experienced guitar-teacher.
His goal is teaching all styles of electric guitar lessons, acoustic and slide. The development and mastery of lead, chords, and rhythm need correct professional focus. Play serious guitar with cutting edge soloing techniques at London's innovative music school. John Mizarolli offers you private guitar lessons in London. He is highly experienced as performer, recording artist, singer, producer, session man, composer, arranger, publisher, agent, manager and record company! The renditions of All Along The Watchtower, Hey Joe, Voodoo Child and Purple Rain, are rated the best since Jimi Hendrix and Prince. Scroll the Ipod and take a listen for yourself! Earth's favorite cult rock, blues and jazz axeman. Assess his totally uncorporate site as you’ll see!
Range and quality of guitar playing! 60 Free Guitar Mp3 Downloads are available on this site! Phone to get free advice on repairs and setups. Electric guitar lessons are available online and at his London studios! Zen philosophy applied with millenium music techniques works like a dream, whether you like it, know it or believe it, is not relevant! You can download free stuff and 2 beginner courses on the link at the top left of this page! Mizarolli is qualified for the Royal Academy of Music in classical guitar.
Claiming he reads notation but, his courses only uses guitar tab and chord diagrams for notation, no music reading! Strictly Rock'n'roll music!
If you want to learn more, try checking out the guitar lesson.

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  1. As a song writer Ken Spoul has always appreciated good guitar music, in fact with his voice he is only able to sing his own songs and thanks the guitar the song sounded good


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