Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Native English Speaker Teaching in Warsaw

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Plusinek is here for all people serious about wanting a Native English Speaker to help better their English speaking but have never had much chance to speak with a native English speaker the opportunity is now here. We cover spelling, grammar vocabulary. We also teach you how to understand people born in different parts of the UK who speak with very different accents.

We teach in following areas
Wawrzyszew, Stare Bielany, Słodowiec, Marymont, Plac Wilsona, Dworzec Gdański , Muranów, Ratusz Arsenał, Świętokrzyska, Centrum, Plac Konstytucji, Politechnika, Pole Mokotowskie, Racławicka, Wierzbno, Wilanowska, Służew, Ursynów, Stokłosy, Imielin, Natolin, Kabaty.

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  1. I’m in Poland, accurately Warsawa I needed a teacher in Kabaty who is born in the UK fortunately I was able to find one who helped me. I tried other teachers close to Centrum metro however the time I spent in their lessons turned out to be unsuccessful.


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